Thursday, June 25, 2009

Amrita looks sexy--Akshaye

Akshaye Khanna has shed all that excess flab and is ready to roll with an interesting line up of films. As he gets set to start work on Anil Kapoor's multistarrer No Problem, his latest film Shortkut - The Con Is On is all set to hit the theatres. A man of few words, Akshaye opens up in an interview to
In most of your films you have either played the bad guy or they have been comedies. What comes naturally to you?

I think acting comes naturally to me. Whether it's a comedy, thriller or a drama, it makes no difference to me. As long as I am on a film set, I am happy. The genre is secondary.
'Underrated' is a word that's often associated with you. Do you think you deserved more in Bollywood?
Actually, everybody gets what they deserve. We all have our destiny and life has its own way of giving you what you deserve. A lot of people ask me if I have got my due. My answer is, 'Yes I have'. As an actor what I can do are - be professional, be fit, try and work with the best people… After that it's up to the audiences.
Do you think shortcuts work in this industry. And like your character, have you ever been at the receiving end of somebody else trying to upstage you?
I have never been at the receiving end. But I think the only shortcut that people think I have used is that I am a star kid. The general feeling is that star kids get an undue advantage. Of course we do. I can't deny that. But it's a god gifted short cut. Otherwise I think in my line of work it is suicidal to use shortcuts. The more effort you put, the more time you devote your craft, the results will be better.
You play a writer-director in Shortkut. Have you ever thought of venturing into filmmaking?
Never say never. But right now I don't have an interest in either. I don't have that thing in me that 'one day I will make my own film'. So as of today I don't think I will ever make a film.

You seem to have become Anil Kapoor Film Company's inhouse hero. What's the secret behind this rapport, considering you haven't done too many films with Anil. You aren't even of the same age?
What can I say! We did Taal. But Anil's a great friend. However, having said that I can assure you that Anil will never cast anyone just because of friendship. I am very clear about that. Tomorrow if he thinks someone else can do a better job he doesn't have to cast me just because we are friends.

We are hearing stories about your tiff with Arshad…

Let's not get into that.

Let me rephrase. In comedies, is there a tendency among co-stars to try and overshadow each other with spontaneous lines?

I am not good with that. Arshad is great with improvising on the set. I improvise a bit here and there in other films. But in comedy I rely on the written word and my director. You see some people add to a scene by improvising while some ruin it. Arshad is among those who improves it.

You are still perceived by most as a media shy guy…

I am not media shy. It's just that I am essentially…not even shy; I would say 'ultra shy'.

But is there a wild side to you, which fans haven't seen?

Like all of us I enjoy hanging out with friends and family. But I am not into doing anything wild or crazy.
Amrita's got a very glamorous look in the film unlike Vivah. What do you think of her?

I think she should do more stuff like Shortkut. She's looks sexy. Because she's got the body and the face that doesn't make her look out of place. Such a look suits her. It comes naturally to her. I think she also enjoyed doing something she hasn't done before. I feel we'll see a lot more of this Amrita in the future.

We are still waiting for the three Khannas to come together in one film. Why doesn't one of you take charge of making it possible?

It's because we haven't come across a script, which would absorb all three of us. Also it's not something that's playing on our heads.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Straightforward answers!!! No pretence! Very good! This is what I always expected from you! Keep it up, Akshoo!

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the way he replies. It sounds very truthful and non-nonsense.

apoorva said...

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