Sunday, June 21, 2009

Akshaye's in his element in Shortkut

He's lost a bunch of weight, his wardrobe is better than ever, he's dancing again like he did in Himalayputra, looking like he's in Doli and his comic timing seems to be bang on.

Akshaye is naturally lazy, so he needs someone who can put his foot down and demand that Akshaye be fit and be in his element. Fortunately, Anil is just the mentor Akshaye needed. Thanks Anil.

Of course, with his natural beauty and talent, much more can be done but I am happy that this is not proving to another turkey like MBPA when it comes to Akshaye.


Anonymous said...

Yeah "much more" should be done next time in his forthcoming films like Basra, No Problem and Chand Bhai!

Anonymous said...

More new stills of Shortkut is out

Akshaye, Amrita shoot for romantic song of Short Kut at Phuket

Anonymous said...