Thursday, June 25, 2009

Salman refuses to haveAkshaye on his show

Salman Khan believes in having his way. For the promotion of Anil Kapoor’s Short Kut, the episode was scheduled to feature Akshaye Khanna and Khan thought that Akshaye will be boring on the show. So, he insisted on having Arshad Warsi instead of Akshaye to make the show interesting.

A source said, “The distributor had spoken to the channel to have Anil Kapoor and Akshaye Khanna on the show. Everything went as per plan until Salman came up with the suggestion that Arshad Warsi and not Akshaye Khanna should be on the show with Salman Khan. Going by the promos of the film and Akshaye’s serious image, Salman thought that Akshaye cannot add enough spice to the show. Since Anil and Salman are good friends, Anil was okay with Salman’s suggestions. The dates of Anil and Arshad are now being worked out for the show.”

Preeti Shahani of Indian Films did not deny our story but diplomatically said, “We are still in the discussion and negotiations stage with the channel. We are yet to come to any conclusion.”

Hopefully, Akshaye will have a sense of humour about this and prove Salman wrong.


Anonymous said...

Oh come on!!! I don't believe it! That's again a baseless rumour!! Salman Khan is professional! He won't do that to Akshaye Khanna! That's what I think! And I hope so!!

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