Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My directors have not slotted me: Akshaye

Give us an idea about Shorkut.
The story of Shortkut is basically a film revolving between the lives of two characters- Arshad Warsi and mine. We are both part of the film industry. Arshad is a struggling actor and he wants to become a star at any cost. And I am playing the character of a struggling writer and director, who wants to make his film one day and he is someone who is very honest, hard working doesn’t believe in taking all the shortcuts in the life. So it’s the story of a journey of two people within the film industry. And their personal journey and how the journeys come together. And the hilarious situations that arise out of that.

How often do you take a shortcut in life? Since you live in the town area, and travel to the suburbs, is there a shortcut you have discovered for shooting schedule as well?
I am awaiting the Bandra- Worli sealink to open up for me to find a shorcut.

Shortkut is the second film with Anil Kapoor as a producer. What's your rapport like with him?
I and Anil don’t share a relationship of producer and actor, we are very good friends. I think a producer and an actor sometimes shares a very formal relationships. Both being careful that they should not hurt each others feelings. Unlike that, we are friends first.

What was the experience like, working with Arshad Warsi?
The thing is Arshad is a great actor he is a master in comedy like Munnabhai and all his comedy films. He has that element of comedy. He suits this character so well and he has done it so well.

Which kind of roles you are comfortable with? Negative roles such as in Race or comedian parts such as in Hulchal?
In my career I have done all kinds of roles. I have played the character of a romantic actor, serious, all kinds of characters I am comfortable in. My directors and producers have not slotted me. They keep offering me different roles, not every actor gets an opportunity to do different roles. Because writers don’t even think in a certain way. But with me I have been very fortunate with my directors and writers because they constantly see me in different shades. This is very lucky for me.

Amrita Rao has an all new sexy image in this film Was that a surprise for you too?
She is playing an actress and is very famous. As far as I can remember she has not done such a glamorous character in any film so far. She is looking very glamorous and good in it. She is a very sweet, simple girl. It was very much a pleasure to work with her.

Any plus points about the music of the film?
I think it is outstanding. Shanker-Ehsaan-Loy, they have done a very good job. Very often you get a good song but rarely do you get a good album. I think this music will last for some time. “Kal nau baje” is my favorite track, it’s a romantic number and its very nice.


Anonymous said...

Again, he has talked good things about Arshad Warsi!! Nice fellow! He has a very good heart, doesn't he? God bless Akshoo!!

Anonymous said...

Nice interview of Akshaye Khanna after a long time. I enjoy reading it.