Saturday, June 20, 2009

No Akshaye, Arshad rift

Just the fact that stories of a reported rift between co-stars is unheard of throughout the making of the film & just when its release is round the corner, things start turning sour between them gets the funny man furious. We hear, now Arshad Warsi is irritated with the rumours that all is not well between him and Akshaye Khanna, his co-star in SHORTKUT - THE CON IS ON

Also regarding the promotion of SHORTKUT at IIFA , the actor clears the air around Akshaye and him not being seen together on a common platform because it seems Warsi was severely jetlagged, having travelled from New York to Macau & thus couldn't make it.

Maybe he's targeted because he is mostly seen in multihero projects like the unnecessary bad blood created between him and John Abraham during DHAN DHANA DHAN GOAL. But then single hero projects can be dangerous enough, to get linked with the leading lady. What's better Arshad?

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Anonymous said...

It's the rumour and publicity stunt made by none other than the media itself.