Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Dinesh Mills ad campaign starts?

Akshaye's ad campaign for Dinesh Mills is already on the air. News from this blog:

Now suddenly out of blue, Dinesh is making some interesting noise in the media . The brand now have found a new Saviour in Bollywood Actor Akshaye Khanna. The TVC featuring Akshaye is already on air. The brand retains the original tagline and expects that Akshaye can rejuvenate this failing brand.

Why Dinesh has chosen Akshaye as its brand ambassador is an intriguing question to me . Akshaye has never been a successful brand ambassador. He had a roller coaster ride in bollywood and I have always seen him in funky outfits. However the brand may be looking to break away from its past. But as always Celebrity endorsements alone can never lift up a brand. That too with a celebrity like Akshaye, one can never be sure how he is going to deliver in his field.

That's simple. Who else but the most suave and stylish guy around to promote your brand?


Anonymous said...

Hope, Akshaye Khanna surprises us in this ad.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait 2 c dis ad featuring Akshaye Khanna. I want 2 c it as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

Is Akshaye Khanna really doing Raho Bhaagte and Priyandarsan's next two flicks?

Anonymous said...

Hi AkshayeFan,

I wish you, Akshaye Khanna and all his fans (including Beth, Sunehrizz, Zarah, and all anonymous/commentors) "EID MUBARAK"!!