Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Born to Act

He’s born to act! Akshaye is Harilal! Such is the manner in which Akshaye Khanna’s latest performance in the most impressive Gandhi My Father has been defined. On Gandhi Jayanti, we bring up the topic again. Never mind that the film didn’t make it to the Oscars, but it did make an impact in the hearts and the minds of the people.

It was a love story between a father and son, says Akshaye, Their love for each other was tremendous. Is Akshaye quite like Harilal? Maybe to a miniscule extent. There was an age when, I hated authority and was sensitive to being told what to do. But it was just a phase and I assume that the majority of us have gone through it.
The story has been highly praised by the likes of Nelson Mandela. We hear it brought many to tears as well. How moved was Akshaye? I don’t cry, I weep. So yes, I wept twice out of the five times, I watched the film. It was a catharsis.

What touched me the most is the freedom we enjoy today, because of those people who sacrificed much for us yesterday. We live in a free country, we enjoy freedom of expression, we have the free press all on a platter, thanks to people like Gandhi, who worked selflessly for the nation, and put the interests of the country before even their own family.

Talking about father-son relationships, it has been some time now since we saw Akshaye putra on screen with dad Vinod Khanna. I’m petrified to be on screen with my father. Most actors of his day and age have been bestowed with such over-powering personalities, that it seems quite useless and nerve wrecking to even try and be in the same frame as them.

And if there’s any other actor, of the present generation who has the same effect, it is Govinda. They are all simply remarkable and I am very wary of acting with them.
AK seems to be very wary of the media, too. It’s not often that he is at his communicative best. Shy or arrogant? I am a shy person by nature, he confesses. I can’t stand huge crowds and large gatherings. But I love people. I tend to connect with people on a more personal, intimate level. I prefer the one-to-one interaction.

But when people misunderstand my introvert nature for arrogance, I totally understand the ‘injustice’. It’s a natural thing. Maybe I have an unusual face that sends out those kind of messages, or maybe it’s my attitude. I don’t know. But I’ll never try and fight the intrinsic misconception of my bouts of arrogance.

The actor has a suave personality, but unlike his contemporaries, we haven’t seen him go berserk experimenting with his looks no blonde hair tips, no earrings, no tattoos You see, I’m a conventional guy and not quite experimental when it comes to things like relationships or food. I’d rather go to a restaurant I like than try a new exotic one out. I tend to prefer the tried-and-tested. I’m a simple daal-chawal guy. I can’t pick up my bag and go backpacking alone, the way my brother Rahul does.

If I have to go to a place out of Bombay, and if we have relatives there, I’ll stay with my relatives, but Rahul will put up at a hotel. I need people around me. I need to have someone hold my hand and plan my day. Time to get married, then, we say. Why can’t people see me enjoying my bachelor life? I am very happy the way I am and I’m going to safeguard my single status fiercely, he concludes, laughing.

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Anonymous said...

You know? Whenever I read some interviews of Akshaye Khanna, about his personal life, his bachelorhood, his food, his sports, his mood, his nature, his fondness, his simplicity, his maturity,,,etc,,, I immediately remember Dil Chahta Hai. Why?? It seems that this movie is Akshaye Khanna's main identity.

Anonymous said...

i think that akshaye khanna is a sweet guy and so simple in real life and ofcourse "he is born to act"

Anonymous said...

I'm happy for Akshaye Khanna because he is a very good actor and simple guy. I'm sad about why he is being ignored by some best directors and banners. They are more interested in Khans, Bachchans, & Roshans than the Khanna. Nobody is trying hard on Akshaye Khanna except Abbas Mustan, Priyandarsan, & Anil Kapoor.