Thursday, October 18, 2007

Akshaye rules Sydney

After ten years of watching and watching again on the screen, I finally get to see my best-loved star in person. How awesome that the first star I ever get to meet in peron is also my most favorite star ever.

If that's possible, Akshaye looks even more handsome in real life. I am sure there was a halo around him and I am pretty sure I wasn't imagining it!

Gandhi--My Father opened Indian Film Festival in Australia and AKshaye was here to present his movie. I was expecting to see him to walk the red carpet but we were all ushered into the theatre before any stars had arrived. Then Akshaye and Feroze came along with Shimit Amin and some Chak De girls. Akshaye was wearing a brown jacket and blue jeans and a black cap as usual. Akshaye was asked to introduce the movie and he quipped, " Thanks for coming in such large numbers. So many people were not there even when the movie released!"

I now know why he is called a shy guy. Even when in spotlight he stood with his head down, so one could see the cap mostly. Still, it was surreal to see his smile and his mannerisms in real life.

I wanted to take lots of pictures but my camera said Memroy Card Full. I'd checked everything but that! I just have one crappy longshot of the event.

The audience was quite well-behaved but I couldn't resist being a star-stuck dumb fan. I waved every time AK even remotely looked in my direction and stood at the door to say Hi. He tipped his cap for me! Later, I thought I should have shook his hands but it didn't occur to me then; I was so starstruck. I was also a bit embarassed by my eagerness but what the heck, this is AK we are talking about!

After the movie, there was a QA session. AKshaye did not come again and only Feroze did. I was preparing a long homily to deliver to Akshaye should I have the chance to speak to him. I don't know how he got the clue but he wisely stayed away. Feroze answered the questions very patiently. I asked him what were the challenges like in moulding a mainstream Bollywood actor and present him in such an unusual role. He said he didn't want Akshaye at all but Akshaye audtioned and they had to go through a de-akshayisation process to get the results they did.

I saw the movie again and I liked better than the first time. It did not appear as jerky as before and the whole proceedings made even more sense than usual.

I will nver forget the few minutes I got to see Akshaye though. I am still in a star-struck daze.


Anonymous said...

How sweet!!! I wish I was the one who met Akshaye Khanna at Sydney in person.

Anonymous said...

Well that's great, seems you like had a great time.

akshayefan said...

I really did!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Fantastic!!

Anonymous said...

how amazingly written script...seems u didnt wait eagerly even for ur girlfriend for such a long time with ur memory card ful camera.....we will not be fooled to see his 4hr long movie anyway.....good he has such crazy fans like u even in firangi desh...