Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The plaudits continue

"Mesmerizing performance by Akshaye Khanna " -- IndiaPost.com

"Khanna is truly magnificent in his role. He imbues the different shades of his character with conviction. " Tonight, South Africa

"Akshaye Khanna as Harilal employs his trademark low-key acting style to amazing effect here, utterly convincing you when he conveys Harilal's crushing disappointments with his father or his utter desperation to make something of his increasingly unstable personal circumstances." kvltblog

"matched in intensity by Khanna’s performance as a man deperate to do what every son wants to do – measure up to his father – while increasingly aware that his particular circumstances render this impossible.
His efforts to come to terms with this, ranging from pathetic pleas for forgiveness to wilful acts of pique (such as converting to Islam and immediately making a public call for his parents to do the same) attain a truly tragic status, building to a moving climax." Eye for Film

"Akshaye Khanna as Harilal gives an applaudable performance and the vulnerability he gives his character is simply heartfelt. He portrays varied emotions of anger, resentment, love, guilt through various means like his outbursts, his silence, his eyes and his weaknesses." Bollywood Mantra

"Akshaye Khanna as Harilal skillfully embodies this forsakenness, desperation and hurt and he enacts his role with the conviction, madness and grief that afflicts this failed and tortured son of a charismatic leader." Tehelka

"Watch it for Akshaye Khanna's tour de force performance!" MTV

"Akshaye Khanna has successfully breathed life into the character of Harilal. He is extremely convincing and no matter what he enacts, perfection is evident. " ExpressIndia

OK. Some comments may have repeated. There are a couple more but these will have to do for now


Anonymous said...

well, even you don't have news about Akshaye Khanna everyday. Atleast, you can put some efforts to put your blog and Akshaye Khanna alive.

Anonymous said...

You can put news about the shooting of Shortcut, news about Aaja Naachle and Race.

Also about new movies that Akshaye Khanna will be signed after Shortcut...