Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Akshaye speaks

Akshaye interviewed by Faridoon Shahriyar on Indiafm. Faridoon is something of an Akshaye fan, so it's a bit annoying to see Akshaye do his eyebrow routine with him. Seriously, this is why Akshaye doesn't get good press. Why be so narky with your admirers? Still, it is a welcome change from that overwrought interview he did with Taran Adarsh.

Heis funny and engaging wth Karan Johar, he's earnest and charming with the likes of Vir sanghvi, he's overwrought and disingenious wth Taran Adarsh, he's sarcastic and uppity in this one and he's lost and uncommunicative with everyone else. No wonder they call him moody.

I think it's basically to do with the fact that he can be only himself and can't do the sweettalking routine like, say, Sushmita Sen who talk her way through anything! He doesn't like to answer the same thing over and over again. That's why he's almost short in replies. He can't by nature make something up and mouth sweet sounding piffles; when he has to do that, he ends up exaggerating and always talks in the superlative sense ("SSP is the best comedy of the year "). When he does try to do that sweet talking routine, which isn't natural to him and it comes off as overly aggressive and labouredly insincere. And if sees you doing that routine to him, his eyebrows rise up involuntarily.

To get him to talk, you don't need to coax him out of his world but enter his. Once you leave behind cliches about him and everything else and say something interesting, his fabled South Mumbai breeding does take over and he's charming as hell.

He's looking quite good, so that's a bonus!


Anonymous said...

He did the eyebrows because Faridoon called him one the finest actors in hindi cinema, Akshaye doesn't think much of himself as an actor.

Even Feroz Abbas Khan during the book event complemented Akshaye highly and Akshaye raised his eyebrows right after. Times of India mentioned it in article that was a sign of modesty on Akshaye's part.

So don't misinterpret it.

Anonymous said...

But yeah he shouldn't do the eyebrows he could be misinterpreted easily.

Anonymous said...

Akshaye Khanna does the eyebrows because he is honest and frank.
So, please don't misinterpret it.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand what you guys and media want about Akshaye Khanna? Why don't you all leave him the way he is? Why should he falsely please you all? His behaviour is natural not double-faced! He can't pretend. He always talks frankly. What problems do you find about his eyebrows? Why should he be misinterpreted easily?

Anonymous said...

I just said earlier, that he did the eyebrows because he doesn't consider himself highly as an actor. He gets embarassed when other praise him highly, which Faridoon did. The interview was good though, and he answered the questions respectfully.

akshayefan said...

Hey, I don't want to change him at all. He is perfect the way as it is. Well, your theory makes sense too. Maybe he raises his eyebrows whenever there is hyperbole about him.