Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Gandhi--My Father premieres in South Africa

Gandhi--My Father had its premiere in South Africa which was quite well-recieved. Even madela was there, which is a scoop for the movie. I couldn't find any pics of Akshaye from the even though. So, this blog entry which describes the event will have to do. It has an amateur's pic of Akshaye and he looks like a vampire! Mucho cool.


Anonymous said...

Thank God! Now, I'm very happy and thrilled! Gandhi, My Father will be released in Mauritius too this Friday along with CASH!

Anonymous said...

I have watched the movie. The story is really overwhelming. It touched my heart. Akshaye Khanna has proven that he is born to play Harilal Gandhi. He makes me weep with his loneliness. He is excellent. He deserves to be applauded for his best performance. His every scene is valuable that shows his mentality and body language as Harilal! No one would have done better than Akshaye Khanna. Not even Amir Khan nor Anil Kapoor. The role of Harilal Gandhi belongs to Akshaye Khanna only!!!!!!!! Believe me...The movie deserves to get entry at Oscar and win an award too.