Thursday, August 9, 2007

More plaudits flow

"Watch it for some sublime performances- Akshaye and Shefali....Akshaye Khanna reiterates his claim as a great actor who understands the nuances of the art and may therefore loose out in the race. Very studied and seasoned performance. One hopes to hear of him when the season for awards is around.
He may not be the guy who walks up to the podium, kiss the trophy and dedicate it to Mamma but if this guy can walk up and take it , it would salute a rich moment in the story of our cinema. " --

"Khanna, who's done his fair share of inane Bollywood roles, reveals his too rarely seen acting skills as Harilal.. "

"I usually don't care for weak, loser-type characters in stories. But, Akshaye Khanna makes you feel for the nervous, diffident, Harilal who has a huge image to live up to. You can sense the pressure the son faces - wanting to impress his father but fortunately or unfortunately discovering that he has a mind and ambitions of his own. "

"Akshaye Khanna as Harilal skillfully embodies this forsakenness, desperation and hurt and he enacts his role with the conviction, madness and grief that afflicts this failed and tortured son of a charismatic leader." Tehelka

"Akshaye Khanna essays the role of Harilal Gandhi with finesse. " Screen


Anonymous said...

Good Reviews about Akshaye Khanna's performance. Nice to hear about the acting skills of Akshaye Khanna.

Anonymous said...

That's an awesome and nice reviews!!

Anonymous said...

An award-winning best performance by Akshaye Khanna as Harilal Gandhi.