Thursday, August 9, 2007

I Love it....

I love it when flame wars erupt on my blog!

I love it when finally some accountability is brought to Bollywood.


Anonymous said...

And, I would love if you comment more often about Akshaye Khanna, his career and his movies....

Anonymous said...

Why don't you create a special website for Akshaye Khanna?

Beth said...

Attack of the comment bots (which would at least explain why most comments on this blog are anonymous)! Because, you know, this site is cleary not already about Akshaye Khanna.

Personally, I think flame wars are vile and off-putting and one of the worst effects of the web, where it's so easy for people to anonymously say all sorts of ridiculous, mean, pointless, irrelevant things. But I can't say I've seen anything like a flame war on this site - and I hope it stays that way.

But I agree with anonymous #1 here: more movie reviews and thoughts on his performances would be awesome!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I agree with Beth! And, yes I think Akshayefan must post his own comments in details and be more practical about Akshaye Khanna, his movies, performances and giving him advice suggestions to him directly or indirectly! It would be awesome in this respect!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

There must be some news about Aaja Naachle, Race and Shortcut very soon. In fact, I think that some promos and teasers of Aaja Naachle must be out by now. Just check through the! I wish to know what Akshaye Khanna is doing in Aaja Naachle with Madhuri Dixit, Race and Shortcut especially after giving an extraordinary and outstanding performance in Gandhi, My Father!!

Anonymous said...

Please always update your blog regularly. we all wanna read news about akshaye daily.

akshayefan said...

Hey BEth, I forgot that you were at the recieving end. Oops. Sorry.

I was just happy that people cared enough to fight over on my blog. It shows that my time isn't going completely waste innit?

More reviews and thoughts. I will keep those items for slow news days.

Anonymous said...

I think we all are fighting for Akshaye Khanna's talents on your blog. It seems we all love Akshaye Khanna so much!

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