Saturday, August 25, 2007

Akshaye to endors Dinesh Mills

Bollywood actor Akshaye Khanna will soon be seen endorsing the suiting brands for Dinesh Mills Ltd.

The actor signed up as the brand ambassador for the company, for a period of two-and-a-half years. Other than films and media, Dinesh Mills would also be extensively using their new brand ambassador in below-the-line activities such as posters and other promotional material.
70-year old Dinesh Mills has a turnover of around Rs150 crore, and has a product line up comprising worsted suiting and blends, with exports to several European countries.

Great ! The contract is for two and half years which means it won't be just blink n miss appearance like it was Asian Paints. Hopefully, this partnership will get him a better wardrobe. It will keep him in the public eye which can only be good. Can't wait for the promotional material to roll out!


Anonymous said...

Asian Paints?? Can I have a look of its pics of Akshaye Khanna here, plz?!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope, this news "Akshaye to endors Dinesh Mills" is not a rumour??

Anonymous said...

He needs this in my opinion.

Commercially he hasn't been doing so well, so maybe he wants to do something about that- and this is a good start.

Anonymous said...

It's not Akshaye Khanna's fault if he hasn't been doing well commercially...he's just being ignored in terms of his performance and his movies.

36, China Town, Salaam-e-Ishq and Naqaab were all good movies...they should have been hits.

Anonymous said...

Someone has posted 3 videos (songs) of “Himalay Putra (Akshaye Khanna)” at

1. ishq hua tujhse jaanam tu hi yaaram
2. Nah Woh Inkaar Karti Hai
3. tune kaisa jaadu kiya hai

Please post all of the 3 videos here!!

Anonymous said...

Really?! Hey, I was waiting for this since long time!

Hi, AkshayeFan, please post all the videos of Himalay Putra here for all the fans!!

Anonymous said...

You all may like it...

"A failure taught me more than success: Akshaye Khanna" via

Anonymous said...

A photo of Akshaye Khanna,

Anonymous said...

I don't know whether you had posted the review by Sweety of Gandhi, My Father here...

But, I think that this one is the best movie review that I wish u to post it here: "Gandhi, My Father Movie Review by Sweety" via

Also, I love Akshaye Khanna's look in Hulchul and other photograph of Akshaye Khanna doing a kick via:

Please post these two photos of Akshaye Khanna here to show that as his fan...I wish to see him in that look and poise and that too without beard.

Anonymous said...

That's right! We must c all the past photos of Akshaye Khanna here like in Dil Chahta Hai, Humraaz,...... to select which ones are the best ones! This will help Akshaye Khanna choose a suitable look for his next flicks!

Anonymous said...

No news about Akshaye Khanna 2d??

Anonymous said...

What happen? No update...

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