Monday, July 6, 2009

There's a person in my life: Akshaye Khanna

Akshaye Khanna is quite a reticent guy and likes to keep it that way. We drew him out for a short chat about his upcoming flick, his co-stars, a bit about his private life and future plans. Read on...

Let's talk about ShortKut
It's a movie about two people who want to achieve their goals in life, with the film industry as a back drop. It's all about people and their choices, narrated in a funny way.

So have you taken any ShortKut for success?
Well I did not take any short cut in my life as such..... it just happened. There are people who think that the biggest short cut you can ever take is being an actor's son if you want to be an actor. I was born in a filmy family, which helped me to overcome hurdles to become an actor. Or else, we see these girls and guys coming to Mumbai from far away places to become actors, directors, scriptwriters and many of them face disappointments. Getting into the industry is a very-very difficult thing. So I respect having this advantage. Apart from this, at Malabar Hill, there's this road called Seedi (Stairs) Road which I used to take as a shortcut to school, whenever I used to be late and miss the bus.

This is the first time you've worked with Amrita Rao....
Amrita is a very easy person to work with. She is a very simple girl in her personal life and she brings that simplicity to her work as well. There is certain innocence about her; which comes on screen as well. She has never done sexy or glamorous roles and I think she has enjoyed transforming herself into something which she had never done before.

Were you insecure about acting with Arshad, known for his comic timing?
Arshad is a fantastic actor. Especially in these kinds of comedy films. I think his best work has been Munnabhai films. I think his work in Short Kut is as good if not better than his work as Circuit.

You haven't worked with Priyadarshan in a while.
I am starting a film with him, towards the end of September- October. It also stars Ajay Devgan, and it's not a comedy. Priyan has not made a serious movie since Virasat. It'll be fun, interesting and something different.

After Tara Sharma, you haven't been involved with someone else...
How do you know? There is a person in my life but I would not like to talk about it.

Any interest in getting politics, like your dad?
Not at all. I have the same interest as most normal citizens have for their country or politics. I follow the newspapers; and whatever is happening in the country. But I am not interested in being a part of politics.

Any plans to produce films in the Future?
No, not right now. Now, I am concentrating on my acting. May be in the future I would like to.

Who is this? Amrita Rao?


Anonymous said...

Amrita Rao? Hmmm...Let's see!!

Anonymous said...

"It’s very hard for anyone to not get along with me" - Arshad Warsi
Arshad on Akshaye

Anonymous said...

Amrita Rao suits Akshaye Khanna's quiet nature.

Anonymous said...

Really? Is there someone in Akshoo's life?? I guess either it's Amrita Rao or Urvashi Sharma.

Anonymous said...

Probably Urvashi Sharma

Anonymous said...

'Short Kut is a fun film'
Arthur J Pais

Anonymous said...

"Short Kut is going to be the best laughter attack this July" - Amrita Rao

Anonymous said...

Amrita Rao.. so good