Thursday, July 9, 2009

Akshaye's interview

After winning awards for his negative role in Race , Akshaye Khanna strikes back with Short Kut . The actor speaks about everything from Amrita Rao’s ravishing hot look and his feud with Arshad Warsi.

Who takes a shortcut in this film and why? For love, money, success?
Arshad Warsi, who plays Raju in the film, takes shortcut and interestingly for all three.

Give us a gist of the film
Shortkut is a story of two people – Shekhar (played by me) and Raju (played by Arshad). Shekhar is some one who does not believe in taking shortcuts in life and believes in doing hard work to achieve his goals whereas Raju is some one who wants everything quickly without taking any efforts. Shortkut is their journey.

How was it teaming up with Amrita Rao after Deewaar?
It was great. I think she has grown a lot as an actor since Deewaar . I remember during Deewaar she was very raw and young and now in Shortkut she has emerged as a more matured and hard working actor.

Would you agree that Amrita is looking her best in this film?
Oh yes, I think she is looking ravishing and hot. She is definitely looking her best in Shortkut .

Shortcut is remake of a Malayalam film ( Udayananu Tharam ). Have you seen the original to understand the character better?
No, I haven’t seen the fact no one from the cast saw the film. Actually Neeraj (Vora) wanted us to act afresh rather than watching the original and imitating the characters.

Has the Hindi version shaped up better than the Malayalam film?
We saw the original only once we finished shooting for Shortkut and without any doubt I think that Shortkut is much better than the original.

Reportedly, the Malayalam film was loosely based on the Hollywood film Bowfinger (Steve Martin – Eddie Murphy). Does Shortkut have similarities to Bowfinger too?
I haven’t seen Bowfinger so I really cannot have a say on this.

You play a director in the film. Do you plan to direct a film in real life in the near future?
No plans as of now of directing but may be some time in never know.

What’s it about Anil Kapoor that he insists on having you in all his productions?
It is always a Pleasure working with Anil Kapoor. He is like my elder brother. I am happy that he has so much trust and faith in me that he gives me an opportunity to work with him in his productions.

Anil Kapoor is a fabulous actor. How is Anil Kapoor as a producer?
He is a fabulous producer too. He takes care of the entire cast and crew like his family, he makes sure that every thing is perfect and is always available for everyone and I think these are few of the most important qualities a producer must possess.

You have known Neeraj Vora – the writer. How was it to know Neeraj Vora as the director?
Well, I have known Neeraj Vora not only as a writer but also as an actor. I worked with him in a film called Doli Saja Ke Rakhna , in which he played a small role...and now working with him as a director was a fantastic experience...he is an easygoing director, he never pressurizes you for any thing and the best part is that he enacts each and every scene to you and makes it even simpler.

How much of truth is there in stories of you having fallout with Arshad Warsi?
There is no truth in it.

Which genre are you most comfortable in – comedy, thriller, drama?
I am comfortable doing all kind of genres provided the script is good

In times of 6 pack and 8 pack abs, do you plan to go for a chiseled look?
Every thing depends up on the requirement of the script... then if it demands 6 pack or 8 pack abs or a chiseled doesn’t matter.

Have you ever taken a shortcut in real life?
Yes, I once took a shortcut when I was in was my French exam and I was not prepared at all so I decided to skip the exam. When my parents came to know about this, they sent me to boarding, which was not a very great experience for me.

Do you believe there is a shortcut to success?
In today’s world any thing is possible but I personally believe that there is no shortcut to success and even if one finds won’t last for long.

Would you recommend others to take shortcut or go the long path?
I cannot recommend any thing to anyone but I think one should make his/her own decision and have courage to go ahead with it and face the consequences whether good or bad.

What are your forthcoming films?
I have one more film with Anil Kapoor production called No Problem .


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Just watch Akshoo in some scenes of ShortKut, he looks handsome. I want Akshaye Khanna to work harder on his physique in order to have a chiseled look.

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