Friday, July 31, 2009

Akshaye, Ajay n bipasha in Priyan's next

Just as filmmaker Priyadarshan seemed obsessed with mindless comedy, he decided to get serious after all. He is all set to embark upon a project that quite falls in the genre of his Sazaa-e-Kaala Paani, Gardish... Priyan will direct a movie based on caste-wars set in India. When we got in touch with the director, he told us, “In Northern India there are many cases of inter-caste marriages, and sometimes children are even killed for daring to opt for inter-caste marriages. There have been many articles from the Times of India that gives a base to our story and script. In fact, the movie, a thriller, is based on an enquiry commission.”

This film will see Akshay Khanna play a CBI officer, Ajay Devgan as a Major deputed for the case and Bipasha Basu plays Akshaye Khanna’s ex-girlfriend. However Priyadarshan says that the icing on the cake is Paresh Rawal who will play the villain this time round. “Paresh always complaints that I make him the laughing stock, so he is all geared up to resurrect his career of playing a serious, horrible villain in this film,” says Priyan.

The yet-to-be-titled movie will be shot in two schedules - September and January and will release sometime in 2010.

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I'm looking forward to see this film next year.