Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Akshaye on Zoom

ZoOm India’s hottest destination for Bollywood content brings to you an exclusive episode featuring the pretty Amrita Rao, the witty Arshad Warsi and the handsome Akshay Khanna as they come together to talk about their upcoming release ‘Shortkut – The Con is On’ and answer a lot many questions with host Omar Qureshi on An Encounter with Shortkut Starcast. Watch Arshad Warsi and Akshay Khanna harass the petite Amrita Rao and be a part of all the jokes and gossip circulating about the movie.

Sharing their thoughts with Omar Qureshi on why they limit themselves to mostly comedy specific roles, the handsome Akshay Khanna said, “Acting is my passion. It is what I do and love to do. So be it comedy, action or anything…I love doing everything when it comes to acting”. Added Arshad Warsi in jest, “Every 8 / 10 movies are comedy. Every second movie is made comedy by force, so you are bound to do comedy, what to do? But I enjoyed it…its fine”

In her entire career in the Bollywood film industry, Amrita Rao will for the first time be shedding her inhibition and playing a glamorous role of an actress in the movie. Akshay Khanna in an attempt to compliment Amrita states, “She has always played the girl next door but Amrita is looking hot in the movie, she enjoyed playing the role of a glamour girl. She has become Amrita “Wow” and not Rao now.” To this statement, Amrita reacted pleasantly saying, “I am a contemporary girl, I have lived in the city long enough to develop my own style”.

Akshay Khanna admits that he is not a snob and when asked about his image in the industry, his co-star Arshad Warsi defends him and explains the reason behind the misconceptions. The stars further share their experience, juicy gossips on the sets during the shoot, the experience of working with Anil Kapoor as a producer and loads more…

‘Shortkut – The Con is On’ specials on ZoOm kick started with the song ‘Kal 9 baje’ playing exclusively on the channel on June 25 & 26; and ‘Mareeze Mohabbat’ featuring Sanjay Dutt, Anil Kapoor and Amrita Rao on July 02, 03 & 04 when ZoOm audience got the first glimpse of the video on television. The specials continued with an on-air contest around the film from June 28 to July 07 where the winner will get a chance to watch the special screening of the film with the star cast and also get to take home film merchandise, audio CDs etc specially autographed by the stars themselves.

‘Shortkut - The Con is On’ is due to release on July 10, 2009. The film is based on the story of two strugglers, one who makes it big as a Superstar (Arshad Warsi) after stealing a script, and the other whose struggle as a director (Akshaye Khanna) continues after his script gets stolen. Actress Amrita Rao plays Akshay Khanna’s love interest. Tune in into witness yourself the chemistry shared by the stars and the faith they have in the story of the movie.

So get set and watch ‘An Encounter with Shortkut Starcast’ on Thursday, July 09, 9.30pm with repeat telecast on Saturday, July 11, 2pm and Sunday, July 12, 12pm. Also get to hear who the original cast was supposed to be and how it all got changed in the last hour. All this and more…exclusively on ZoOm.

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Looks like that Akshoo is being close with Amrita "WOW".