Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Race pics pouring in


How I wish he ditched those jackets! He looks awesome in tees. BTW, I am surprised how few pics of Akshaye there are on the Glamsham website. Even Anil Kapor as more!


Anonymous said...

It's unbelievable!! After seeing these new pics from Glamsham, I'm more interested on Akshaye Khanna than Saif Ali Khan now!

If u r surprised to see how come there are really few pics of Akshaye Khanna, then who knows that Akshaye Khanna himself will be the surprise element in Race along with Katrina Kaif!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Akshaye Khanna looks nice with the jacket on especially in the first pic.

Anonymous said...

I'm excited n nervous about Akshaye Khanna's performance in Race!