Saturday, December 29, 2007

Thoughts on Race's first promo

Just saw the Race promo a couple of more times. Saif has the stunts, the sex scenes and the smouldering dialogues. While poor Akshaye looks frustrated n confused most of the time. Can't blame him because that's what I felt after watching it.

There's this objective part of me which says that Race promo is well done, the movie looks interesting and that Saif looks quite cool in some scenes and Akshaye, by comparision, looks overweight and dowdy.

But there's also this another part of my self which is fiercely partisan when it comes to Akshaye. It's disappointed n angry. The fact that Akshaye's talent is getting wasted always bugged me but to see a contemporary forge so far ahead while Akshaye still lags behind gives me a wrench in the gut. Saif is everything in the movie( well, in the promo at least) that I have wanted Akshaye to be: fit, well-dressed, stylish and playing a masterful leading role.

At this point, I'm pitifully clinging onto the hope that Akshaye will a couple of good scenes which will prevent him from being totally sidelined.

PS: After writing this post, I checked out the Tips site and the Saif bias in promotion seems even more blatant.


Anonymous said...

Saif is also looking pretty weighty in Race as well.Look carefully at the stills.

And I don't think he's looking as good as he usually does. I mean if you compare his looks here to that Ta Ra Rum Pum or Kal Ho Na Hoo.

I think Akshaye looks far better and cuter.

Anonymous said...

Now, I just hope that Akshaye Khanna has a little meatier role in Race even if it's small! I'm looking forward to watch Race as Akshaye Khanna's ardent fan!