Friday, December 21, 2007

Just counting

By midyear next year, we should already see three Akshaye releases : Race, Shortcut and Mera Baap Pehle Aap. Race should work and because the other two are comedies, chances are they will too. It's not the work I'd like to see him do but I guess it's better seeing him on screeen than miss out for months with no movie of Akshaye.

Still to be confirmed, Sunil Shetty's movie Bhaagam Bhaag( my guess is AK might not be doing it), David Dhawan's next with Govinda(this has been talked about for long and but will it happen?) and the recently announced multistarrer with Suniel and Arjun( we can't know for sure until shooting begins). That's lot of work. Looks like he is busy and we will be too.


Anonymous said...

I'm looking forwards to watch my favourite Akshaye Khanna in Race, ShortKut and Priyan's next! I'm nervous of the promotion trailers of Race. Why is not the trailer of Race out yet? For how many days we have to wait?

Anonymous said...

Me, I'd like to watch him on screeen than miss out for months with no movie of Akshaye Khanna and also it's the work and role I'd like to see him do.

In addition, I want to know how different he looks and performs onscreeen with each new movie of his. And, how his directors use the best of himself to direct as well.

Not to forget to see whether he has really lost weight or not not only in Race but also in Shortkut and Mere Baap Pehle Aap. And, how he is being dressed.

For this, we just have to count...

Anonymous said...

I'm just happy to see Akshaye acting in more movies :)

That's more than enough.

I think its better to leave our judgement about his film till we see the trailers and the film itself.

Anonymous said...

Me too, I'm crazy about Akshaye Khanna! ;)