Saturday, December 15, 2007

Akshaye's love life active

Akshaye Khanna is enjoying being single these days. But when it comes to sowing his wild oats, he seems to be looking beyond India definitely.

The latest is that he is dating a leggy Australian beauty. Ask the actor himself about it and he says, “Oh that Australian model... yes, even I have heard that I am dating her.” And pray, what is the ‘truth’? “I met her, yes.

But that was exactly for half an hour. I had met her at the Australian Film Festival. She is very pretty, but unfortunately, I am not dating her,” says Akshaye.

But she is not the only one, is she? He has been linked with a lot of foreign beauties in the recent past. “I am not in any serious relationship,” he smiles. So, any not-so-serious ones happening? “On and off... oh, come on, we all have flings!” he says in a very matter-of-fact tone.

And what’s happening beyond love? “A lot of work,” he lets on. “My films – Race, Shortcut and a Priyadarshan movie – are in the pipeline. I have been shooting for Priyan’s movie and I love working with him. It is after two years that I am working with him.”

Akshaye has been shooting in Goa and indulging in some great Goan delicacies. “Yes, thanks to it I have even put on a lot of weight. I am planning to head to backwaters in Kerala to get back in shape and have a small vacation. My dad was there last year on the New Year’s Eve and he recommends the place, so I am more than excited to check them out.” Food, flings and vacationing seem to be keeping Akshaye happy these days.
(Times of India)

Good to know he's having 'flings'. I have always wondered


Anonymous said...

That's meean he really loves food and that's why he tends to put on weight...if so, then he should go to gym for workouts and eat as much he wishes so that he can maintain his physique.

Anonymous said...

AKshaye Khanna is shooting in Kerala for Priyan's next??

Anonymous said...

I m waiting to date u Akshaye. waiting ..... ritu

Anonymous said...

hi all