Monday, December 17, 2007

I belong to the Malabar Hills Camp

Akshaye Khanna talks to Gautam Buragohain on his movies, camps and his mysterious NRI girlfriend

Why do you always keep such a low profile?
What do you mean by that.

We mean, no controversies, 6 pack abs, fight with co stars or girl friend?
You are telling me or asking me? I guess I’m the eternal good boy of Bollywood. (smiles)

But inspite of that you were recently embroiled in a controversy. You were caught walking the ramp with a cigarette?
Oh yeah, I was smoking backstage and when suddenly my name was announced. And in the spur of the moment I forgot to throw the cigarette and ended up walking the stage with it. And when I realized, it was too late.

Ok professionally you ended this year on a high note with the critically acclaimed Gandhi?
Without blowing my own trumpet, I can say this was my best work till date. One doesn’t get to do something of this sort on a regular basis. I’m glad I did Gandhi, because when I grow old I can look back with pride.

How did you dad reacted to it?
He saw the movie and didn’t say anything, he just hugged me.

You must have been disappointed when the film didn’t do well?
There are things were you have no control. You can either sit in a corner and sulk, or just move ahead. I decided to move on. I was told that a major part of the audiences found the film slow. Probably they were disappointed that we didn’t take sides, but the film was not meant to take Mahatma Gandhi or his son Harilal’s sides.

Bollywood is known for its camps, Shah Rukh, Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar camps, which camp you belong to?
I belong to the Malabar Hills camp (laughs).

So what’s in the pipeline for next year?
Plenty, I have Anil Kapoor’s home production Shortcut , Abbas Mastan’s Race and I’m doing another film with my favourite director Priyardarshan.

Another film for Anil Kapoor, you guys seem to have formed a mutual admiration society?
(Laughs) I consider him my elder brother and we really gel well.

Is it true that Anil is looking out for a girl for you?
I said that as a joke.

How come you were not recently in any of Priyan’s films?
Yeah, I’m working with him after a long time. What to do in between Akshay Kumar had booked him for 3 years and was not letting him go.(Laughs)

And Akshay agreed to release him?
I’m glad he did that. I’m keeping a close watch on Priyan these days.

Rumours have it that you are quite smitten by an NRI girl you met during your cousin’s wedding in New York?
(Feign ignorance) I have known quite a few girls and some of them very closely, but I haven’t met my dream girl yet. I think my dream girl is somewhere around and there’s some cross connection, that’s why it’s taking so much time.

So are you seeing anyone?
No buddy, I’m not seeing anyone from Mumbai, New York, Germany or Timbuktu. Hopefully the matter will end here.

How about the other rumours that soon the three Khannas, Vinod, Akshaye and Rahul will come together?
I want to make it clear for the last and final time; we are neither thinking nor planning a movie together.

When every star worth his salt made it to the special number in Farah Khan’s OSO, you were conspicuous by your absence?
Please forward this question to Farah Khan. I was not approached for it.



Anonymous said...

Hey, now I can understand that Akshaye Khanna didn't smoke in public at Race Ramp on purpose... Good! Thank God!!

Anonymous said...

sweet interview!