Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Saif sabotages promotion of other stars in Race?

So Saif, who is more secure at the box-office, throws a fit when he sees a poster which shows all the stars of the movie and gets it to highlight just himself? No wonder he looked so grousy at the Provogue event. Definitely not big star behavior. In contrast, both Akshaye and Anil looked chilled out. They are the real cool stars.

From Midday:

Saif Ali Khan was recently part of a Provogue fashion show as a tie-up with the Abbas-Mustan starrer Race. At the event in New Delhi, the actor threw a fit when he saw the posters of the film which stars him along with Anil Kapoor, Akshaye Khanna and Bipasha Basu.

Publicity designers Rahul and Himanshu Nanda had created the look of the film and the first poster of Race was about to hit the theatres soon.

It is learnt that Saif was unhappy with what he saw and made his discomfort evident. He had a word with the director duo Abbas-Mustaan and told them to carry out certain changes.

Where’s the impact?

A source from the event reveals, “Saif always takes an active interest in each of his projects. He’s quite excited about Race and wanted the first look to create a good impact. Also since it’s a thriller and an Abbas-Mustaan film he wanted the poster to look in a certain way. He wasn’t too happy with the poster that was put up at the event and asked for changes.”

When contacted, Rahul Nanda confirms the development. He says, “Yes, we did rework on the poster. We value Saif’s opinion.

He had certain good suggestions that we agreed to and designed a new look. Everyone loved the final draft of the poster as it justifies the thriller genre the film belongs to.”


Anonymous said...

I knew that this would happen! It's not right to promote Saif Ali Khan better than other stars in Race just because he is popular!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

We have to be careful from Saif. I don't really like him.

Anonymous said...

if saif wants to change the poster ...so what...he is a lead actor in the film..it's just his opinion....popular faces will help more...won't it?...it's not nice to portray saif in villian always...i bet there r other stars who change contents of the film itself!!!...for god's sake he's only asking for a better poster!

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, what Saif did was really unprofessional. He's a good actor, but still. This is really stupid of him- I thought the original poster was great, and it would have definitely brought attention- (The poster looks like that Dhoom 2 poster).

Tell me- which poster attracts a crowd best? A poster- which has 6 well known actors and actress, or a poster which has 2 stars.

Anil's an even bigger actor than Saif, and he's at least shown a lot of class having been present among a multistarrer cast- that's the way Saif should have been.

Anonymous said...

And I certainly hope Saif doesn't get any scenes chopped off for the other stars. Abbas Mustan should set their foot down, if he does that.