Friday, November 30, 2007


Besides acting, guess what is the good-looking hunk Akshaye Khanna’s hobby? Well, he likes to play chess on the sets in his spare time.

And we heard that after Aamir Khan, AK is the only player who is an expert at this ‘mind game’.

Akshaye has often been spotted playing a game of chess with the good-looking Katrina Kaif, on the sets of their new film Race.

If not an actor, Akshaye would have become a professional chess player like Viswanathan Anand,” informs a unit member. That sure makes Akshaye Badshah Khanna, what say?


More chess craze from TOI:

Only recently we told you how actor Akshaye Khanna is an ace at chess and so crazy about it that he often plays the mind game in between shots.

Well, another actor, who spends his time similarly, is Riteish Deshmukh. The actor, too, is extremely good at chess and prefers to play the game on the sets during his free time rather than indulge in idle talk.

And Rits is so popular among his peers that he always finds someone who is more than willing to battle it out with him. It’ll be fun to see Akshaye and Riteish come together for a game of chess in that case.

Any filmmakers wishing to cast them together in a film that could well be titled Shatranj?


Anonymous said...

Akshaye Khanna may be a good chess player,,, but chessmaster??,,,how we judge??

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