Sunday, November 18, 2007

Negotiating heavy traffic

Our heart goes out to the Khanna boy who stays in town and every morning drives to the distant suburb (where most of the studios are located) to shoot for his movies.

And recently when we bumped into him on one of his sets we asked him, isn’t it tiring to drive down every day to the suburbs? “Not at all yaar , town is where my home is. I have never thought of shifting to the suburbs. I’m so used to traveling everyday that I know every gali , shortcuts, long cuts and how long the lights at the traffic signals blink. So I just zoom in and out,” he laughs.

No wonder ‘AK’ is always smiling.



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New photos from Race

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The race is on...
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"Katrina always has that image of an innocent girl. In this movie, she plays a character with grey shades, who is never what she seems," says Mustan. Katrina, too, is excited about her character. "I guess it's the first kind of character for me which has a twist like this," she says

Abbas Mustan are known for their slick thrillers and this movie is no different. "It's set in Durban, in a ranch, which by itself is a very stylish place. We wanted to give all the actors a look that they didn't have before, but which was very stylish. Saif, for example, has a very under-played, but classy and mature look. Anaita Adajania Shroff has been the one responsible for styling all six characters in the movie," says Mustan

Anil Kapoor plays the role of a cop. "The audience will certainly enjoy his performance. He plays a character who is very shrewd, but at the same time witty," says Mustan. For the duo, working with Anil Kapoor has been a long-cherished wish. "They wanted to work with him since the days of Baazigar. But somehow it didn't work out. He was the automatic choice for this role," says producer Ramesh Taurani of TIPS.

Race will be Bipasha Basu's second film with Abbas-Mustan after Ajnabee. She plays a important role between the two protagonists of the film. "They (Abbas-Mustan) are the perfect directors to make a thriller," she says.
"We worked with Bipasha during Ajnabee, and in this movie, she has done very well. When she read the script, she messaged saying, 'Great script' and immediately agreed to work," says Mustan

A major portion of Race was shot on a ranch in Durban, South Africa, and the film promises to be a fast-paced thriller. Mustan commends action director Allan Amin for his meticulous work. "There is a car chase sequence in the film and he got in stuntmen from Australia for it. The movie has some daring stunts by Saif too. And as the name suggests, it's a race between two brothers for the important things in life."

Race sees Saif Ali Khan and Akshaye Khanna play the roles of two brothers. "This role that Saif has is completely different from anything else he has done before. He has never worked in our kind of films and when he heard the script, he was very excited," says Mustan. "He was completely involved in the film, even when it came to doing dangerous stunts." Akshaye's role, incidentally, was supposed to essayed by Fardeen Khan, who pulled out of the project due to date problems. "Akshaye was the best choice for the role," says Mustan

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I find this article stupid, Abbas Mustan have completely ignored talking about Akshaye or even Sameera- and talked about the others- Anil, Saif, Bipasha, and Katrina as if they are big stars and Akshaye's no big deal.

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Hope, Akshaye Khanna is the surprise package of Race!