Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More on Shortcut edits

Actress Amrita Rao has been stuck with a Miss Goody image for quite a while now. The actress is understandably quite desperate to shed that image and keep herself in the league for all kinds of roles.

Her role in Neeraj Vora’s Shortkut, is apparently an attempt to do just that. The actress was cast in the film opposite Akshaye Khanna and she supposedly had some romantic scenes opposite Akshaye, which it seems have been edited out. It seems that the actress had gone on a dare bare mode for the film, so when she discovered that her role had been chopped, she is believed to have retaliated by delaying the film’s dubbing. According to sources, after she voiced her opinion, a special scene was shot with her in it, reportedly to appease her.

To be a part of the race, Amrita needs to stay in the limelight, which was one of the reasons she signed this movie. She also hoped to prove her point with her dare bare strategy in this movie. But it seems that her efforts may have just gone in vain.

It seems that Akshaye has the chunkiest role in the film, which is produced by Anil Kapoor. The fact is not surprising, as Anil and Akshaye share a very good relationship. The other actor in the film is Arshad Warsi. But to come back to Amrita, the actress was last seen in Welcome To Sajjanpur in one of her usual roles.

(Bollywood Insider)

Please don't cut any hot scenes between Akshaye and Amrita. He's probably the most shy Bollywood hero ever and we need to see him lose some of his chaste behavior.

Still, I am very happy that he has the biggest role and I am very grateful to Anil.


Anonymous said...

Please don't edit or cut the romance - bold scenes between Akshoo and Amrita!!

Anonymous said...

anmol here
i like both amrita and akshaye
pls dont cut any scenes

Anonymous said...

I think that they may edit those scenes for the betterment of the film. By the way, any idea when will this flick be released? Exact date of its release?

Anonymous said...

I'm dying - waiting to watch how Akshaye Khanna looks in Shortkut and his chemistry with Amrita Rao.