Thursday, December 4, 2008

Akshaye at dead end?

Mirror says that Akshaye is at a dead end. It's painful to acknowledge but I think it's true. He doesn't have a single great movie except one lame comedy next year. It's an uneven but fair list which also includes Abhishek Bacchan and John Abraham, so it reduced my heartburn a bit.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I really appreciate this comment below!! Thank You, Man!! I agree with you!

- "Agreed that Akshaye Khanna has been the architect of his own so called "demise" but that is because he has no godfather or father for that matter who really "promotes" him. Unlike Abhishek who as the saying in the industry goes'you can get 2 Bacchans for the price of one"
Also he is not interested in joining camps to sign films.
His forte is his acting abilities which have always surpassed not only his own standards but the cinema going public as was evident in RACE.
He is not a sychophant and calls a spade a spade and that is why the press has marginalised him.
Moot case in point was when he won the best actor award for Gandhi My Father at the Australian Film Festival earlier this year and the press decided to ignore him to give a guy like Arjun Ramphal(imagine) a better write up.
Akshaye Khanna will still be very much around albeit in small doses and if you value quality over quanttity then put your money where your mouth is!!!

Rey D'Cunha, Dated : Saturday, December 06, 200811:54 PM"

akshayefan said...

Thanks Rey for your comment!

Akshaye now has two quality projects on hand, so I am a bit more cheerful today. What a difference a day makes!

I hope he signs more movies too. The thing that makes me nervous is that he does so few movies at any one time, which keeps him idle most of the year and i am always thinking how much we're losing out because of that.

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