Friday, April 25, 2008

Saif or Akshaye?

Hey, now that Tashan has flopped horribly, I wonder what happened to all those people who claimed Race was a hit because of Saif. Apparently, as in Race, Saif is largely secondary in Tashan as well. How come if he is such a big star he can't make Tashan get a decent initial even with bigger stars in it? And let's not forget that Saif had a record bad year last year.

OK. Race did not become a hit solely because of Akshaye. It worked because it was a relatively well-made movie. There were a number of stars who colelctively brought people into theatres( and remember saif starrers all bombed last year) but after the people come to theatre, you need to have a decent product to keep them there. Which Race was. Now what worked in the movie? And which star has had the biggest weight to carry? Among males, it is undoubtedly Akshaye.

Yes, his performance his wanting when compared to his usual high standards but he's far better than the rest of the cast. He was there throughout the movie, while Saif is barely there in the second half. So, if the interest of the audience was kept up, it was largely due to his performance. Crediting Saif in Race is like saying Bipasha had dnothing to do with the movie but Sameera somehow does.

Yeah, Saif may have greater exposure but once you see the film it's clear it was Akshaye who did the heavylifting. So, will people start admitting to Akshaye's star power?

BTW, whenever there are a coupe of stars in a movie, you immediately have a proxy fight going on in the media, a bunch of stories about which star gets the max credit, with each star's camp pushing himself or herself. Nothing wrong with that. It's how the game is played in bollywood. So far, you didn't get too many stories of those type for Akshaye. It's because he doesn't use media to push his star status. He does his job, goes home and enjoys his life. Couldn't care less less about what media think about him. I know some of us are slightly exasparated with him about that but that's our Akshaye.


Anonymous said...

That's really sweet of you Akshayefan to write this obvious fact about Akshaye Khanna and Race.

I agree with your thoughts. Yes, Akshaye Khanna has the biggest weight to carry. Just like Humraaz, 36, China Town and Naqaab which belong to Akshoo because of his so-called "saving-grace" performance. Even Race belongs to him even though Saif have greater exposure. But, Akshoo is the cake of Race, he has the most effective role and the most complex character to play.

However, I don't understand why people are saying that Akshaye Khanna's acting in Race is similiar as in Humraaz and Naqaab. And, I don't think so! In Race, Akshaye Khanna has more complex role to perform than in Humraaz and Naqaab. I don't see the similiarity of Akshoo's acting in Humraaz, Naqaab and Race. All are different. Yeah, Akshaye Khanna rocks in Race. And I want Race 2 with Akshaye Khanna coming back alive or as in a double role or at least as the twin brother of Rajiv Singh.

I think Akshaye Khanna deserves to stand in top ten male of the year only if Mere Baap Pehle Aap and Shortkut turn out as the biggest hits this year.

As far as Tashan is concern, I think there's something lacking and that's why it's not working that well. It's just all about style with no substance. But, I like Akshay Kumar's mindblowing performance. I love Kareena Kapoor too. The style of Tashan is a bit similiar as the South Indian movies style like some full-action Tamil flicks.

By the way, just imagine if Tashan had Akshay Kumar, Saif Ali Khan, Akshaye Khanna, Kareena Kapoor and Anil Kapoor together with powerful roles to play. I'm sure this cast would really work wonder at box-office especially if our Akshaye Khanna had a special role and complex character that would be the "saving-grace" of Tashan if he tries to outperform himself. Tashan would be the biggest blockbuster of the year with the presence of Akshay Kumar and Akshaye Khanna combination.

Anonymous said...

Race has worked really well not because of Saif and his star-power. It's because of the script and the well-made product. Saif's screen exposure and Akshaye Khanna's superb and surprise performance like a chamaleon also contributed to Race's success. So, we must not unneccesarily praise Saif for Race's success. Because, Race belongs to Akshaye Khanna as well as to Saif. After all, Race is a story about two step-brothers who compete with each other by hook or by crook.

Anonymous said...

Come on, Guys. Akshaye Khanna has clearly given a stupendous performance as Rajiv Singh - the younger and insecure brother in Race. He was really outstanding and superb. If people are saying that Saif is the show stealer of Race...that's because of his popularity and his personal life with the gorgeous Kareena Kapoor. Not so many people in India favour best talents, art of acting and artistic skill. Instead, they are blind believing the popularity and market forces of the star. Race is a big hit due to the negative role and death scene of Akshaye Khanna in the end which is one of the tightest part of the script. Saif's screen presence in Race isn't that great when you compare his with Bobby Deol in Humraaz.

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