Friday, April 18, 2008

Akshaye cures me!

You know how dejected I was on seeing MBPA first pic. To get over it I started surfing net and I stumbled on this magnificent photoshoot of Akshaye. I don't know when it's from but I think it's fairly recent (I'm also including an old pic I never saw). This is a hint of what I have in mind when it comes to Akshaye, this is what I have in mind whenever I go off a rant about his look and styling(in movies or pics). Frankly, I think only one photoshoot has ever done complete justice to him and that was the Filmfare Classic one but this comes close. Just see how damn sexy he is in his natural state. Who kidnapped our Akshaye and put an alien in his place? I want to know.

I am healed, though not reconciled to MBPA yet!


Anonymous said...

Indiafm posted some pics from Mera baap Pehle Aap. Akshaye looks much better in the movie, then he does in the first look. Its a sigh of relief.

Anonymous said...

Those photos were taken in 2006- before he shot for Naqaab.

Anonymous said...

Article from Bollyvista

Akshaye Refuses to Reduce Money
By Our Correspondent ©2008

After working together with films like Humraaz, 36 China Town, Naqaab and the recent box-office success Race, one would think Akshaye Khanna was a favourite of Abbas Mustan. Think again! When the director duo approached Akshaye to do a film for them as producers they were in shock. The star demanded fees of six Crores from the makers.

When the makers asked him to reduce the fees considering their long association, Akshaye replied that he would gladly reduced the fees if the duo were directing it but since a newcomer is directing the film he won't reduce the fees.

Anonymous said...

6 crores is quite a bit of money- that too for Akshaye who's not even much of an actor as far as box office is concerned- that's the amount that Aamir Khan charges per film. Jeez. Akshaye isn't going to get many offers if he charges that amount of money.

Anonymous said...

AkshayeFan, your state of mind is exactly like mine after seeing that awful poster of Akshaye Khanna- that first look of MBPA. Even I started surfing net to get over it. :) I was really dejected...

Nice, even I'm healed!

Aap ki Khatir said...

soo sexy e sweet :)

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