Sunday, April 13, 2008

Oh, How I love him!

A great video tribute to Akshaye from Race here:

Thanks for making the video.

A small qubbile. I think it missed the cutest moment in Race which occurs in Pehli Nazar song when Akshaye pulls that fashion designer off the stage and sashays Bipasha on the ramp. Still, a great video tribute. Thanks. You Rock!


Anonymous said...

Thank you! I'm glad you like the video :)

Anonymous said...

I wish the promos featuring Akshaye Khanna alone was like this video!

Anonymous said...

Some new news about Akshaye and Urvashi. I don't think he's dating her. He's been so busy shooting in Bangkok for shortcut.

"Love debuts in Akshaye’s life
Thursday, April 10, 2008

Model turned actress Urvashi Sharma may have totally disappeared after Naqaab her debut last year, but she hasn’t disappeared from her co-star Akshaye Khanna’s life. In the fact the couple is said to be going strong and are happy in each other’s company. Urvashi has moved back to Delhi temporarily, working on some prestigious modeling assignments and that’s where Akshaye has been making frequent trips to recently.

The two caught up with Akshaye’s south Mumbai friend and co-star Amisha Patel at a plush south Delhi eatery recently. Amisha too had reasons to be in Delhi as that’s where her beau Kanav Puri is based. So it was a double date for Amisha and Akshaye as the four of them gorged on Italian cuisine.

The foursome then went back to Kanav’s pad and the revelry went on till the wee hours of the morning. Says a friend, "It was the first time Akshaye was meeting Kanav, and they really got along well. Akshaye is happy for Amisha and wishes her well." Needless to say Ms. Patel is thrilled to bits."

Anonymous said...

I always had this thought in my mind that Akshaye was dating Urvashi. Of course he's not ready to say so yet, is my guess.

Anonymous said...

Also, its better of him to date Urvashi than that yuck Riya Sen.

Anonymous said...

Another newspiece, don't know how true that Akshaye-Urvashi story is.
But here, the article seems more true.

Akshaye enjoys boys night out
Saturday, April 12, 2008

Akshaye Khanna has been so busy shooting of late in Bangkok that it almost seemed like he’s gone off the circuit. Except for a tiny reminder in the recently released Race where he’s packed in a good show. He’s been in Thailand for over a month and will be stationed there till April 20 till the schedule of ShortKut doesn’t get over.

The actor flew down to Mumbai to celebrate a friend’s birthday last weekend and he had a blast at a plush restaurant, The Dome on Marine Drive along with a bunch of his pals. The lucky friend in question was Anmol Mehta, diamond merchant Shekhar Mehta’s son, more famous in the recent past for his allegedly torrid affair with the sexy Urmila Matondkar. But all that’s history now and he was seen having a good time with the boys.

Anonymous said...

That news story with Akshaye and Urvashi sounds like a bunch of BS, and since when was Amisha, Akshaye's closest friend? How does Akshaye have time to make frequent trips to Delhi if he's not even had time to promote his own movie Race? I definitely believe that second article about he must have gone to Mumbai for a friend's birthday, but that one with Urvashi sounds like bull.

akshayefan said...

Yeah, the one about flying to his friend's party sounds true becos they have been friends for quite some time now. I'm not so sure about Urvashi though. Post the link here and I'll post it.