Friday, April 25, 2008

Akshaye talks about Shortcut

After playing a cunning conspiring step-brother in ‘Race’, Bollywood’s bad guy Akshaye Khanna has turned in to a director for his upcoming movie.

But wait …Akshaye is not directing the movie but is playing the role of a director in the film. Shooting in Bangkok for Neeraj Vors’s ‘Shortcut’, the actor talks about the roles that get his heart racing.

Akshay who is a favourite with the director duo, Abbas Mastan, says that he absolutely enjoys working with the duo.

‘They give me the freedom to make the best use of my space as an actor. They`ve tremendous trust in me. Somehow they like nine out of my 10 suggestions. They allow me to improvise quite a lot.”

Not willing to divulge much about his current projects, the actor said, “ Vora’s film has a lot of theatre actors. It`s a character-based energetic film. I like doing energetic films.”

The movie shall see Amrita Rao as playing the lead opposite Akshaye, while Arshad Warsi will play a `bad` actor in the movie, which is set on the daily patterns of the film industry

When asked about his equation with his co-actors in ‘Race’, the actor went all smiles and said, ”Race isn`t the first multi-starrer I`ve done. It`s never easy to find proper space for all the actors in a cluttered cast. But there was no such problem in Race.”

Setting aside rumours of ego-hassles between him and Saif Ali Khan, the actor stated that he shared a pretty good rapport with all his co-stars. “Saif and I had a fantastic time during `Dil Chahta Hai`. And let`s not forget Saif and I also spent a lot of time together during J.P. Dutta`s `LOC`. In `Dil Chahta Hai`, we were buddies. In `Race`, we`re brothers but battling constantly. But I had never worked with all the three girls - Bipasha Basu, Katrina Kaif and Sameera Reddy.”

Looks like a rehash of an old story.


Anonymous said...


There was a shooting this week for a song of Shortkut here in Mauritius that too only Amrita Rao and Arshad Warsi! They were seen singing and dancing at the seaside and at some other places in Mauritius. Amrita Rao looks very very sexy! Arshad Warsi was wearing the yellow suit/jacket which is similiar as Akshaye Khanna's in the first look of Mere Baap Pehle Aap.

Where was Akshaye Khanna? Why didn't he come here? We miss him. Hope he comes to Mauritius next time.

Anonymous said...

In Mauritius?! If this is true, then I think that Akshaye Khanna starrers Shortkut will have a beautiful scenery onscreen.

Sheeru said...

I have a feeling Shortcut will turn out to be a great film and can go on to do good at the box office too.