Monday, December 28, 2009

Anil helps Farah to get Akshaye to star in his film

Farah Khan believes three is her lucky charm. She has triplets, her production house is called 3's Company and now she has three namesakes in her project Tees Maar Khan.

After casting Akshay Kumar for TMK, she has just pencilled in Akshaye Khanna for a parallel role in her film. To avoid confusion in names, she will refer to them as Akki and Akshu. The unit hands will have to refer to them as Mr Kumar and Mr Khanna. But then, stylist Aki Narula is also on board her project!

"There is bound to be some gadbad at some time when the film goes on floors in March," laughs Farah. "I can well imagine if I am calling Akki and Aki lands up or when I say Akshaye and Akshay arrives."

When her hubby Shirish Kunder and she were looking at options for another hero for Tees Maar Khan, Akshaye was on the top of the list. "I am glad he was convinced and said yes. Akshaye is half-Parsi like me and he calls me dikri! We get along superbly."

Anil Kapoor played a major role in the casting too. He is close to both Farah and Akshaye and put in a word on Farah's behalf.

Adds Farah, "Shirish went to meet Akshaye on the sets of No Problem at Mehboob Studios last week. Now everything is signed and sealed."

Akshaye will have to shed weight for the film and has already started preparing for the role..
Says Farah, "It's the first time that the two Akshays are working together in the same film. Though both have worked in many Priyadarshan films they haven't done a project together with him either. I am glad they are doing it with me first!"

Tees Maar Khan will have one actress, who will be announced by the second week of January.


Anonymous said...

It says here that Sonam Kapoor will be the lead actress of Tees Maar Khan

Anonymous said...

^ Sonam Kapoor would be nice choice for both Akki and Akshoo. It will be fresh and unusual combination.

Anonymous said...

What happened to Akshaye's hair. This is a recent picture from Anil's Christmas party

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Anonymous said...

The article also said Akshaye didn't want to be photographed

Anonymous said...

Priyadarshan's Ajay Devgn- Bipasha- Akshaye Khanna starrer titled Nishaad

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dear akshaye fan,

i like your blog a lot. thanks for updating everything about akshaye khanna.
i have personal request please change the picture and upload a cool one of mr.khanna on your front page. the shortkut pics arent very nice he looks a bit dull. please change to cool one like saawariya premiere pic of his or anyone of his where he looks nice. thank you.

Anonymous said...

^ Yeah, I agree with you!

I think that 'Saawariya' premiere pic of Akshaye Khanna would be the best choice!! Because it is his real life photo. Very suave and stylish!

Anonymous said...

Akshaye's dream comes true
04 Jan, 2010

Anonymous said...

Which photo you are referring to? Post the link here.


Anonymous said...
Akshaye Khanna at Saawariya Premiere

Saawariya Premiere