Thursday, December 17, 2009

Akshoo loves vadapav

Yeh Kehne Se Pehle Tumhari Zaban Kyon Nahi Jal Gayi

No one can take a 'vada pav' away from Akshaye Khanna. He loves it so much that you cannot even call it junk food without getting into an argument with him, "Vada Pav is not junk food. It's got this aalo patties which is placed between the bread. How can it be junk food?" Go for it Khanna! Anyways 'junk food' is nothing but silly 'gora' concept!


Anonymous said...

Old photos of Akshaye from Mohabbat

Anonymous said...

Pic of Ak with Rahul and Vinod, its from a few years back.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Akshaye hired a personal trainer last year

See this article:

His trainer:

‘Having a good trainer helps’
Akshaye Khanna, Actor

My Workout Regimen:
I work out with celebrity trainer Baqar Nasser three times in a week on the power plate machine. It’s been six months now that I’ve been working under him. He is the one who introduced me to power plate. He works on my fitness by paying attention to detail and gives me a scientific workout. In fact, having a good trainer helps a lot in building up your fitness level. The rest of the time I play squash. I used to do yoga earlier and its only in the past year or so that I’ve stopped yoga. I swim as well. I try to mix a lot of exercises into my fitness routine so that it doesn’t get boring. Since the workout is different every time it becomes more interesting and a lot of fun. In a way I try to exercise different parts of the body.
My Daily Diet:
I am a non-vegetarian. I don’t follow a strict diet as I don’t have a tendency to put on weight. I don’t have to watch what I eat. I love food but I don’t overeat. I love to eat junk food like a pizza or a hamburger. I love to eat out and gorge on my favourite foods. I do eat a lot of vegetables like lettuce, bhindi, spinach, carrot, green peas, etc. But I have my dislikes as well. I don’t like doodhi and karela. I love to gorge on chicken, fish and all types of sea-food.
My Happiness Quotient:
Well, for me exercise is a great way to recharge my senses. I don’t exercise to lose weight but to feel good. I feel energised after my workouts and that makes it worth all the effort.The workouts act as an incentive. Watching any movie or even simply hanging out with friends is also my idea of chilling out or relaxation.

Anonymous said...

Old photo of Ak and Tara

Anonymous said...

^ Anonymous 1 - 4, thank you for taking your time to visit this blog. Hope, Akshayefan post some pics you mentioned above soon. Do visit this blog as often as you can.

Anyway, there is one still of 'No Problem' which is out.

Akshaye Khanna looks cute in that movie still of 'No Problem'.

Anonymous said...

I'm not liking Akshaye's hair in this movie. Looks like he's supporting the same wig he was in Deewangee.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I think that Akshoo's wig is a bit different in No Problem. It's not really the same as in Deewangee.

akshayefan said...

Can you post the link to the personal trainer article?