Thursday, December 3, 2009

And the next flick is.....



Anonymous said...

No, I don't think so.
‘Chaai Garam’ is a film to be directed by Aditya Datt co-starring with Govinda and Suniel Shetty.

But post Naqaab, Urvashi Sharma is still doing an another film with Akshaye Khanna along with Ajay Devgan and Biapsha Basu which is currently being directed by Priyandarshan.

Anonymous said...

Winners of 4th Apsara Film & Television Producers Guild Awards 2008-2009

After Screen Videocon Award and IFFA, Akshaye Khanna won the Best Actor in a Negative Role for his best performance in Race!!


Anonymous said...

Arshad Warsi on Akshaye:

You had major problems with Akshaye Khanna during the shooting of the film. You both didn’t even promote the film together, putting Neeraj Vora in a fix. You both went to IIFA but maintained a distance. What exactly went wrong?

Arshad: " That’s not true. I have never had any issues with any actor I have worked with so far. You cannot be good friends with everybody you work with. I cannot call Akshaye my buddy. He is not among the best of my friends. We are just colleagues. We used to come on the sets, talk to each other, do our job and leave. We never hung out after shooting and all that. And this wasn’t because we had problems with each other. He has his own friends and so do I. He has always been a quiet guy. He is a bit short-tempered but that’s about it. He is a bit strange, in the sense that he lives in his own world. During IIFA, when he got an award, he wasn’t present and Anil (Kapoor) had to collect the award on his behalf. Actually, I was in the US when they went for IIFA and I wanted to reach there a day later because I had to sort out a couple of things. But Anil wanted me to fly the same night to Macau. So I was extremely tired and the difference in time zones just added to it. So I couldn’t attend the press conference. But then we all were together at the fashion show."