Sunday, November 30, 2008


Your assignment? Find out when this is from and post the links here.

Update: So, this was from Arjun Rampal party at Taj in September? Thanks for the tip. Another pic.

I like this pic more n more. It's gotta kind of sexy cool vibe to it.


Anonymous said...

Assignment? This one is really though. No idea when and where this photo is from. :(

By the way, Akshaye Khanna is looking super cool and sexy in whiteblue jeans - white shirt -black coat - blue tie. Helooks lean and cool dude.

I request Akshoo to get rid of smoking forever soon. It's not good for him and his health.

Anyway, I'm going crazy on seeing this super cool and super sexy dude Akshoo.

Anonymous said...

Arjun Rampal Party in Taj Lands End on 20th September 2008. Another photo is on

Anonymous said...

Yeah, so sexy and so cool!!

Anonymous said...

So cute!!