Thursday, November 20, 2008

Is he gonna really get this movie?

Santhoshi produced Akshaye's Doli Sajake Rakhna and offered Khakhi to him, which Akshaye turned down to work in Deewaar(why couldn't he work in both of them?).

Why would Santhoshi come to Akshaye? Because they have a powerhouse play which requires seasoned actors to headline it. Salman isn't that good an actor but he's a big star. Saif a better choice but if he won't do it, there's no way they are taking the likes of John Abraham. That leaves our Akshaye and the fact that no one in Bollywood can shine like Akshaye does in a well-written role. Akshaye got Voice from the Sky when Saif rejected it. Hope Saif keeps rejecting more roles!

I knew that both of them were in competition for the same slot in Bollywood__that of suave, sophisticated adult men who also have great range as actors. Saif beat Akshaye when he jumped on the Yashraj bandwagon, leaving Akshaye to fend for himself through downmarket comedies. But, now that Saif is in a bigger league, Bollywood needs to tap the waiting goldmine potential in Akshaye.

The next year, he's already got Voice from the Sky which should be a multiplex hit; Nikhil Advani's Chand, it that works out, should be a gritty emotional drama; and this Raj Santhoshi flick. I was getting worried that he was being typecast in Anil Kapoor comedies. I am so relieved.

Fingers crossed for the confirmation.

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