Friday, November 21, 2008

Good question

Good question.

Why Neha Oberoi? Sanjay Dutt is promoting her apparently. I think because Akshaye is so accomodating, he is taken for a ride by his producers. Right from Riya Sen and Joythika, every fresh-faced muppet gets to be cast against him. Some like Genelia are good choices. But come on. They don't sign big heroines opposite him because he doesn't demand it. Just as they don't get him a good wardrobe because he doesn't throw starry tantrums either.

I had to bitch about that because it's been on my mind for some time but I am glad Akshaye is doing the role. If in fact, he is. I won't be sure until we shooting starts.


Anonymous said...

Yeah. Even I'm glad if Akshaye Khanna is doing this film. Hope, he gets a very well-written role. All the Best to Akshoo! Let's pray that Akshoo gets this film to be produced by Sanjay Dutt.

As for the heroine - Neha Uberoi, let's see if she looks good with Akshoo when the film releases.

Anonymous said...

Hi, AkshayeFan!

Is our Akshoo really doing Farhan Akhtar's Voice From The Sky, Aneez Bazmi's next with Sanjay Dutt & Anil Kapoor, Nikhil Advni's Chand and Rajkumar Santhoshi's next with Neha Uberoi?

So many projects? Will Akshoo be able give them all his dates?

But, there's no official announcement and shooting yet...

Which project is confirmed to be Akshoo's forthcoming projects after Shortkut?

Anonymous said...

^Hmmm, I think that Akshaye Khanna has signed only Farhan's next Voice From The Sky which will be released next year after Shortkut.

akshayefan said...

Farhan's movie is 95% confirmed though we haven't heard of production news yet. The other movies are tentative. I mean they might still be going ahead with them but we need to know more to be fully sure.

It would be a great pity if Akshaye would lose any of them due to date problems. They all look like good projects, much better than the ones he has been doing so far.

I don't understnad how Akshaye who does so few movies would have date problems whereas John and Akshay Kumar, who do much greater no. of movies, don't. I hope Akshaye will be able to mabage them and act in many more movies.

Anonymous said...

Neha Uberoi is too raw for Akshaye Khanna! I want Akshoo to work with Prachi Desai at least once. In Sanjay Dutt's production itself.

I don't care about quantity. I just hope that Akshaye Khanna does a quality of movies especially after his excellent performance in Race.