Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bhaagte Raho

From Filmfare:

When the three Deols came together for Apne there was lot of buzz that even the Khannas (father Vinod Khanna along with sons Akshaye Khanna and Rahul Khanna) will be coming together for a film. Well, that buzz turned into speculation but the Khannas do seem to be coming together though in a different way.

Akshay Khanna and cousin brother Karan Khanna ( Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd, Bachke Rehna Re Baba ) might just come together in a film. The film titled Bhagte Raho is to be produced by Suniel Shetty’s Popcorn Entertainment in association with Ved Prakash. It will be directed by Pradeep Chak, who comes from an advertising background and will debut in Bollywood through this film.

While Pradeep Chak refused to confirm any details on the film, Karan Khanna validates the news saying, “I have been offered Bhagte Raho and there are talks going with the makers. But I haven’t signed the film as yet.”

Our source however confirms, “Akshaye Khanna and Karan Khanna will be seen in main leads in Bhagte Raho . Ayesha Takia is being considered as the female lead opposite Akshaye Khanna. Soha Ali Khan and Urvashi Sharma are being considered as the girl opposite Karan Khanna. Producer Sunil Shetty is also a part of the project and will be seen in an interesting role”.

But the most interesting part about the film is that Akshaye Khanna will be seen in a double role in Bhagte Raho. This is the first time that Akshaye will be doing a double role in his career.

Adds our source, “ Bhagte Raho is an out an out comedy film. It talks about misunderstandings between couples and also how one thing leads to another and creates chaos and confusion for characters. It’s a character driven comedy”.

My thoughts?

Never seen Karan Khanna, so don't know much about him.

Akshaye in another comedy? Please...

It's not one of those Priyarshan's comedies either which generally work at the box office.

Actually, it's more than likely that his next Priyadarshan's venture will be a comedy. How many comedies will he do?

Still, it has two Akshayes in it. That alone makes it worth your while.

And, I am irritated that he isn't doing more movies. A movie, even a comedy movie produced by Suniel Shetty, is something to look forward to.


Anonymous said...

Double roles for Akshaye Khanna in Bhaagte Raho means more scope of acting and performance.

But, is the news true or is it a rumour??

Still, I'll be happy if it is true that Akshaye Khanna is doing double role in a movie.

Anonymous said...

I'm feeling bad that top directors are not signing Akshaye Khanna yet?
But, I'm happy that Akshaye Khanna is doing a double role for the first time even if it is a comedy.

Anonymous said...

I hope there is a full meaty role for Akshaye Khanna!!

Anonymous said...

Has the shooting of Priyandarshan's next film with Akshaye Khanna started?

Anonymous said...

Well what's wrong with him doing comedies? Those types of movies are doing better than serious movies now days. Its not like Akshaye's been getting a whole lot of success doing serious film- look how Gandhi my Father and Naqaab did at the box office- they were both flops.

Its not like Akshaye isn't willing to do other movies. He's also doing Aaja Nachle and Race.

He has to choose the best movies from what he gets. He can't beg directors just like that.

On the otherhand, I'm glad he's doing a double role- we'll get to see him doing something that he's never done before.

Anonymous said...

And Priyadarshan's film is not a comedy. He's back to his old roots- of making serious films- in those days of Virasaat, Gardish, and Doli Saja Ke Rakhna.

Anonymous said...

Read Priyan's comments; I'm bored of comedy, and he says his film with Akshaye is serious. UTV is producing it

Anonymous said...

Whatever!! Akshaye Khanna as an actor of a merit caliber is supposed to work with best directors! He deserves to be directed in a special way. He has everything in term of acting. Wonder, why delay?!