Saturday, September 22, 2007

Akshaye's new look

Akshaye with Jean Paul Gautier

Photo courtesy MidDay.


Anonymous said...

Don't u guys think that Akshaye Khanna's hairstyle in Humraaz,and Hulchul looks better than in Naqaab and Race?

Anonymous said...

His hair looked bad in Hulchul and Humraaz. I think his hair is looking good now days.

Anonymous said...

I prefer his look in Humraazz and Hulchul...he was slimmer and more svelte in these movies. I hope he has lost weight for Race and Aaja Naachle too.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Akshaye Khanna looks better in slim and svelve appearance like in some scenes of Humraaz, Hulchul, and Naqaab. He looked slim in 'Koi Kehta Rahe' song of Dil Chahta Hai and Hungama.

Anonymous said...

Does Akshaye Khanna really wear wigs for Race? Urvashi Sharma said on IndiaFM Online Chat that Akshaye Khanna doesn't wear wigs! What do you think??

Anonymous said...

I think he might wear hair extensions possibly.

In Humraaz, he looked slim in maybe one or two scenes- other scenes he was looking fat.

In Hulchul, he looked fat at times as well, check out the Ishq Main song where he wears the baseball cap.

He looks thin in the stills of Race so far.

Anonymous said...

And he did not look thin at all in Hungama, for the person who said- didn't you notice he was looking fat throughout the movie.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you are right. Even I think so as it was clearly seen in these movies! Still, I think that the person who said it is not wrong either, may be he/she means that Akshaye Khanna looked slim in some scenes of Humraaz, Hungama & Hulchul.

Are some stills of Race out? Or, you mean that Akshaye Khanna looks thin in that pic with Jean-Paul Gautier?

Anonymous said...

No there was another pic from Race, and he looked quite thin as well.

During the shooting, articles were printed that the cast used to reguarly go workout right after shooting.

This is another pic from Race I found

Anonymous said...

Thnx...But...Unable to find the pics from Race....

Please, AkshayeFan...Find it and post it here! Please....I want to have a look at Akshaye Khanna in Race.

akshayefan said...

I really really like his hair in humraaz. I thought it was his best ever!

krishnan said...

He wears a lace front wig. it is practically undetectable. the one he wore for hamraz was much better than the one he wore for race.

you can actually see hair knots in race but in hamraz, the hairs were single strand and bleached.

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