Friday, December 10, 2010

No Problem--my impressions

I have watched No Problem and this must be the first Akshaye movie in a few years that I have seen in a theater. It's a brainless comedy and it works well. It was great fun and we enjoyed ourselves. Akshaye was fluid and humorous throughout the movie and I was surprised by his drag scene in the movie. The make-up was sub par but he almost pulled a Tootsie there. I hope the movie becomes a huge hit. It deserves this.


Anonymous said...

kangana said that she was trying to talk to akshaye, but he wouldn't speak with her.

Akshaye is too shy around girls

Anonymous said...

On Koffee with Karan

Anonymous said...

Akshaye shown in tees maar khan dialogue promo

Cine Fans said...

Well...NO PROBLEM is really a huge disappointment.!!!! A real miss...!!
What I can say and add...!! Despite being a huge fan of Akshaye feeling pity and xtremly sad..Akshaye's career is infact downfall!!
Almost all his films has been slow starter or flop at start!!
Let face the fact...!! Akshaye is may be the Vinod Mehra's, Farooq Cheikh's He is just good for supporting role!!!
It's all over....!!!
We fans please dnt xpect huge things from TEES MAAR KHAN!!! If the film become huge will be due to Akshay Kumar...and all the credit will goes for Akshay Kumar!! Akshaye Khanna looks in fact like a clown in the film..!!! Just dnt knwn???
If Akshaye tells NO PROBLEM is fabulous story????
Akshaye Khanna cannot rely just on Priyadarshan, Abbas Mustan!!! 4gt about Anil Kapoor??? 3 huge flops GANDHI MY FATHER, SHORTCUT and NO PROBLEM!!!
These directors time are over!!!

Am really shocked and surprise

Anonymous said...

how you say this dear this will be the highest gross in india because it already collected 55 crors net in three days only in india

Anonymous said...

sory it collected 30 crors per 3days and may cross dabang and three idiot