Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Akshaye talks about No Problem


Anonymous said...

there is one chance for akshaye khanna to hit tees maar khan

Anonymous said...

this time farah will hit akshaye khanna

RockMan said...

Can anyone tells why Akshaye Khanna signs stupid films?? I cannot understand!!! Better be jobless!!
What the hell is in Tees Maar Khan!
A real bakwas and huge bluff film!!
But thank God He is not the lead actor!!!
Another huge flop...!!!
Now....what if the future for our Akshaye Khanna 2011???

Anonymous said...

^@RockMan, Tees Maar Khan is not a flop!! And, Akshaye Khanna is superb in Tees Maar Khan!

Arslan said...

I'm an Akshaye fan (I think he is THE most underrated star in the industry), and I just wanted to say that you're website is the ULTIMATE encyclopaedia about little Khanna.
: D

And for Tees Maar Khan, yes, not the greatest movie ever (and far from that!) but, honestly and objectivly (I'm not the only guy thinking like that, just ask viewers and reviewers) AK RESCUED the (little) comic intensity in the movie.

Anonymous said...

Akshaye loves having rice
TNN, Jan 5, 2011, 12.00am IST

Read more: Akshaye loves having rice - The Times of India

Anonymous said...

Old picture of Akshaye Khanna...
Akshaye Khanna looks cool in white!!!

Akshaye Khanna-Personal Album

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