Saturday, May 23, 2009

Amal Sinha

Akshaye is going to be called Amal Sinha in Basra. Navdeep Singh made Manorama Six Feet Under which got critical acclaim. Wish he had repeated Abhay Deol here too, because I like him and wanted to see him with Akshaye. It'd be great to see how an offbeat director can mold Akshaye both visually and performance wise.

Akshaye, of course, is doing this movie because Nikhil is producing it. He should get out of that I'll do only commercial movies stance and start working with off beat directors. i'm pretty sure a lot of them would like to work with him.

Saif's star actually took off with Hum Tum where he cashed on the lift given by DCH. Akshaye is at the same age and at the same crossroads. Because he is younger than most and more experienced than them, it'd be easy for Akshaye to slip into the slot someone like Saif has created and is vacant now. He should work on his body, wardrobe and start doing some hip movies and some cool ads.

When I was in India, I watched some stuff on Southern TV and I was gob smacked how they've improved. Some of their ads are better than Hollywood. Akshaye always does stuff with old style directors like Priyadarashan and even his Dinesh Mills ad was distinctly un-cool. He should get out his his complacency and start working with some new, hip film and ad makers. Navdeep Singh is a good start.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I completey agree that Akshaye Khanna "should work on his body, wardrobe ...". It's very necessary to be serious about his look and style now.

Anonymous said...

For the record Akshaye is 34 yrs old whilst Saif is nearing 40. The only difference being that Saif knows how to market himself and Akshaye does not believe in "photo ops.
If you look for Akshaye photograph in the main Bolywood media you will find him conspicious by his absence.It is either that bolywood has left him to his own devices or Akshaye himself is indifferent to the Bollywood media.
The other factor is that Akshaye himsself has not said a word in recent times to clear the air and sometimes it is frustrating because he is such a gifted actor and as one of his most ardent fans this is hard to take.
Even though he has been nominated for best villain on four occasions and won it on 2 occasions in recent times, the press has ignored this significant achievement.

akshayefan said...

I know he's 34/ That's what I'm saying. Saif started becoming a start exactly at this age. Now that's Saif is 40, even John, Abshishek n Hrithik are older than him, AKshaye has a golden chance to slip into 35 something romantic hero, superstar slot.

Anonymous said...

^It's a high time for the film makers to make the right use of Akshaye Khanna's gifted talents.