Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Akshaye n Amisha closer friends than previously thought

Amisha Patel may be nearly a decade old in the industry, but the lady doesn’t have too many friends there. The muphat that she is, she’s made more enemies than admirers.

But luckily for her, Amisha found a friend in Akshaye Khanna, another star who is known to be moody and aloof. Sources say that these two South Mumbai stars have been good friends since they acted together in Humraaz several years ago.

Maybe they bond over their elite South Mumbai attitude that looks down upon the rest of the industry as commoners. They are often seen having dinners in their posh downtown joints.

In fact, sometime ago Amisha was also seen shopping in a designer store with Akshaye. When asked, she’d insisted that they were shopping for her boyfriend Kanav.

Amisha who is more in Delhi these days with the Puris, was back in Mumbai for some meetings recently. While driving through South Mumbai, her car broke down and our la-di-da lady was in no mood to hop into a cab.

She quickly called Akshaye, who was on speed dial, and the Khanna dude who barely answers his calls was there to pick her up in 10 minutes flat. Now, wonder what the raaz is...!


Anonymous said...

Is this true? Or just a rumour as usual??

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I don't even like Amisha Patel a bit! I don't trust her! Akshaye Khanna must keep distance from her!