Friday, May 7, 2010


Apparently, there's a blograma is going on and everybody and their moms are dumping on my poor Akshoo. I'll say in my best Chris Crocker imitation though: Leave Akshoo's hair alone!

Thanks Beth for the link.


Anonymous said...

Acting Skills are more important than having bad hair!!

Anonymous said...

The people have nothing else to discuss. Idiots. I love Akshaye with any hair, love his acting, his eyes and smile. And many people in different countries love him too. I know that.

Ellie said...

Those posts are all in fun! If you read them, you'll find that the authors love him too-- that's why they're spending a whole week or month or whatever on the Khannas... They aren't being mean or idiotic-- they know the stylists are responsible for the hair and they love him, as Anonymous number 2 does, with any hair. And apparently for the same reasons, too. Nobody's dumping on him!