Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Priyadarshan is a disappointed man. No, his films are doing alright at the box office, but it's just that the filmmaker couldn't get the title of his choice for his upcoming film, as a film by that name has already been made.

Priyan wanted to title the film about caste wars and forbidden inter-caste marriages in Bihar "Ganga Jal", not knowing that this has already been taken for another fable.

Says Priyan: "I thought something like 'Ganga Jal' was the best title for this film because it allowed audiences to know exactly where the plot and characters were going."

In his mind he had settled for the title as the best one for his film, until he shared it with his leading man Ajay Devgn. To his horror Priyan was told by Ajay that Prakash Jha had already used the title. Ajay knew about Jha's "Ganga Jal" because he had played the lead in it. Bipasha Basu who was also part of "Ganga Jal" also laughed when she heard of Priyan's title.

Then began the search for another title. Now, Priyan's drama is called "Nishaad".

Priyadarshan's Ajay Devgn, Bipasha Basu, Akshaye Khanna starrer had been shot without a title mainly because Priyan wanted the film to have a hard-hitting title.

Priyan's script and dialogue writer came up with "Nishaad" because the director barely knows any Hindi.