Wednesday, April 8, 2009

An Akshaye clone in France

Watch these trailers. He is stockier but Jean Dujardin is so like our Akshaye (especially in the second trailer). They are about the same height, have the same hair and nose. Akshaye's mannerisms are a little more pronounced than Jean's but Akshaye is more good-looking of course. This is what Anil Kapoor meant when he said Akshaye had an international appeal and talent to match it but our stupid directors will cast him only in Govinda-type comedies. He has the most international face and personality among all our stars but nobody wants to cash on it.

If any of you Bollywood geniuses are watching, you don't have to slog hard and create something new befitting the stature of Akshaye, just use this material. You're good at copying, no?


Anonymous said...

Akshaye is best.

Anonymous said...

No one can beat Akshaye Khanna's unique mannerisms! His mannerism is of international trademark!

And yes, Akshaye Khanna "has the most international face and personality" among all our local actors and stars "but nobody wants to cash on it". It's really sad for India and Hindi Film Industry!

Anonymous said...

^That's because most of our directors unnecessarily underestimate Akshoo and his talents.