Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Katrina talks about her friendship with Akshaye

On Farhan's show:
There is an interesting episode that Katrina narrates about her shoot for Race. When Katrina approached Akshaye to talk to him, he used to reply in short sentences (in his characteristic style). Once, when he was playing chess, Katrina asked him if she could join in too. Soon, it became their routine on the sets during each and every break during the film's shoot. Today, in hindsight, she believes that Akshaye was smart enough to shut Katrina by making her play the game. Reason? During the game of chess one can't talk much and hence it was the best idea that Akshaye applied to keep her quiet!

She fondly admitted her friendship with Akshay Khanna who is her chess friend. They met and became chess mates on sets of Race where they routinely played the sport…to keep Kats quiet.

Sweeet! Exit question. When is Farhan gonna have Akshaye on his show?

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Anonymous said...

That's a cute frienship of Kats with Akshoo.

Even I'm still waiting for Akshoo to appear in Farhan Akhtar's show - Oye, It's Friday!