Thursday, January 29, 2009

Basra limping along too

He has done it again. I’m talking of Nikhil Advani who has rubbed Rohan Sippy the wrong way. One of my jasoos types tells me that the nirdeshak of Chandni Chowk to Choona Town had changed the script liberally, after locking it with nirmata Sippy and the film’s cast.

Given the film’s fate at the box-office, can’t blame Sippy for resolving never to team up with Advani again. I’ve been informed by my jasoos that his co-producers have scheduled a meeting with Advani in the coming week.. to reconsider their deal with him.

Meanwhile, his next project is taking its own sweet time. As the creative director of Basra, Advani has a say in its casting. And while he’s okay with Akshaye Khanna, he’s unsure about the second lead.

When director Navdeep Singh suggested Emraan Hashmi, Advani reportedly told him it is beneath his dignity to even talk to the serial kisser. Huh? Really now! Methinks, after their war of words over money some months ago, it would be interesting to cast the two actors in a movie together. But then, you can’t expect much from Advani. Not after CC2C!

(Hindustan Times)


Anonymous said...

I like Akshaye Khanna - Emraan Hashmi combo. Hope they agree to work with each other.

Anonymous said...

^It would be better if they agree to work with each other! Their chemistry will surely be noticed onscreen. But, who would be the heroine opposite Akshaye Khanna and Emraan Hashmi?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I just don't understand why all projects linking to Akshaye Khanna have always been delaying in decision making. For instance, it was Farhan Akhtar who has first postphoned Voice From The Sky, then Anil Kapoor-Anees Bazmi's No Problem, now Nikhil Advani's Chand Bhai and Basra!! Is there a mystery? Who knows that Akshoo will finally get better projects for his own betterment as his destiny!! All the Best to Akshoo!

By the way, have you guys watched the small appearance of Akshaye Khanna in Zoya Akhtar's Luck by Chance?? How was he and his screen presence? Was he good there?